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  • May 30th, 2024

The Role of Digital PR in Business Growth

In digital era of dynamic markets, the concept of public relation has gone through immense evolution and major changes have occurred in the manner in which marketers reach and maintain relations with public and their customers. Organisations now utilises public relations more than just a way to communicate with public, earlier public relations was to set press conferences and media pitches, but in times of high market competition and trends in technology, public relation is used in more customised manner.

What digital public relations exactly is, and why it is important for all sizes? Digital PR is an effective channel to improve brand authority, reputation and visibility for a business by the use of online channels. Digital public relations uses vast variety of marketing channels from leveraging celebrity engagement to use of social media channels to establish relationships with audiences.

What is digital PR?

Digital public relations is all about managing various online and social, media channels to brand name and create positive public image in the market. The approach is very effective in times of crises to enhance and maintain trust among consumers and improve brand loyalty.

In comparison to digital public relations, traditional approaches were much more effective in each broad customer spectrum via use of live events, broad casts and print media, but as the market changes and technology has evolved, consumer prefers to shop online and thus organisations felt the need to use online tools such as social media, seminars and more to reach this audience. Overall digital public relations is better than traditional ones in terms of its ability to analyse the data received, and provide more customised efforts and reach specific target audience.

The end results and the effectiveness of public relations depends on the goals, audience and the nature of the business.

The Benefits of Having a Digital PR Strategy

Digital PR is an important tool to achieve diverse business needs as PR can be used in any manner for digital promotions.

Digital public relations can support and benefit the business in various manners.

  1. Build brand identity 

Digital PR’s role in business growth is to develop trust among its audience, when the majority of the world is online, then the organisation need to develop relation with its customers to stand different and engage them.

As part of digital public relations achievements are show cased trough stories, news, and press conferences to show the authenticity of the brand and create positive image.

When digital public relations is used in effective manner, it presents the organisation as genuine and relevant and this makes the consumers to trust them and use their products and services and associate with the brand, which act as the end result of the success of digital public relations.

  1. Boost your business’s reputation

In terms of marketing, the most important element is management of reputation, though it is easier to create negative image in digital era.

When a single user face bad experience, they post the same on the social media, and the new spreads like fire and causes the people to believe on the negative aspect then the good reviews.

Digital public relations takes years to be built and create positive image in minds of consumers and it is helpful in times of crises where organisation uses this consumer trust to make them ignore such nuisance and can turn them in their favour.

  1. Increase customer acquisition and lead generation

According to digital advertising stats of 2020, the engagement of consumer via ads on hand held devices has increased by 15%, the reason behind this is that use of digital devices has increased.

How can this support a business?

When via digital public relations, the organisation distributes it content and services to users to all major social media channels, it creates brand awareness it results in relevant lead generations that can easily be convert into buying consumers.

Use of strategic communication can be very helpful in gaining right set of skills, to develop relations with consumers and become public relation professionals and run unique and effective marketing campaigns which allows to generate leads and their successful conversions.

  1. Enhance your SEO strategy

It is very important to have balance between digital PR and SEO for any successful campaign.

To have improved SEO, the primary role of the organisation is to have authentic and versatile profile which can engage consumers, though there is the importance of digital public relations in developing this profile.

Your business can generate organic SEO by posting content on relevant sites, websites, and press releases and create backlink to its website this will engage consumers, and this will improve rank of the business on google.

  1. Build relationship with bloggers and influencers in your industry

Posting of content by use of digital public relations makes the information about the brand more credible, and further if your brand can have mutual bonding with local bloggers and influencers by use of Online Geniuses or Link building HQ.

This supports your business to use their followers to pitch your products and make them your loyal customers as the bloggers and influencers will recommend their products whereas those influencers can act as the mediator or as the trusted source to share the organisational information to audience.

Do you know the best part of this?

All this long process can be automated with the support of customer relationship management (CRM) that engages you with all bloggers, journalists and influencers. The automated emails allows to communicate them every information and have constant communication and thus leads to brand reinforcement.


Digital PR is very effective in form of marketing tool, and it is evolving day by day to come up with new marketing ideas to enhance sales, SEO rankings and maintain relations with clients and mediators, and this makes you to stand different from your rivals. Woohoo Web Technologies is the one that can guide you and provide you with relevant and customised digital PR for your business promotions and get the desired results. Contact us and get it today.

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