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  • May 2nd, 2024

Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing for Business Success

In a world where social networks have a lot of power, there is one thing that does not change, the influence of emails on consumers. For this reason, email marketing continues to be a very powerful tool for companies to reach their regular and potential customers and achieve what they want, from purchasing a product to viewing their brand image.

Most Email marketing services plan to rely on social networks, but they do not leave out email marketing. And it should be noted that, in 2023, 83% of Internet users sent and received emails, which represents an increase of 4% points compared to the previous year, according to data from Statista. In addition, email is available at any time, all smartphone users have direct access to emails, and companies can take advantage of its accessibility to advertise.

For a marketing campaign to be more successful, it is necessary to take email marketing into account, so here we explain the keys for a company to be successful through email marketing.

Define the objective to achieve

All marketing plans have an objective, a purpose, whether it is the visibility of the brand or achieving better sales of a specific product. Well, the same thing happens with email marketing, you have to establish a purpose that is oriented towards conversion to later assess whether it has had the expected success.

So you have to ask yourself if you want to sell a specific product, encourage visits to the website and therefore its positioning in that sector, or get more customers than you already have. We must add the factor of whether the company wants to internationalize and therefore access other markets outside the country where the company is located.

Customer segmentation

Information is power, and if the company has a database of clients or future clients, obtained legitimately as established by the Data Protection Law, it has a part of the success guaranteed. Thus, the company may send certain emails based on age, sex or location, among other things. And email marketing advertising directed at a woman in her thirties is not the same as it is at a young man of about 25. They have different personalities and, therefore, they want different things. A campaign doesn’t work if you’re offered something you’re not interested in.

Give importance to the subject of the email

Every day you receive emails of all kinds: personal, invoices, bank notifications, notices from the neighbourhood community, advertising. And many are eliminated. The key is to get users to open the email, read it and buy the product or visit the website. Therefore, it is necessary to draw their attention to the first information they will receive: the subject of the email. It has to be simple, direct, and attractive. Of course, you should avoid words like gift, offer, and promotion, since the emails can automatically go to the spam folder and, therefore, become invisible.

Reliable sender

Email users are quite distrustful. Phishing campaigns have become commonplace in our lives and even the police or the Civil Guard make calls to the population alerting them to the presence of scams through email, and the first thing they say is to distrust the email they contain. have a strange sender. Therefore, Email Marketing Services become important to ensure that the sender of the email marketing campaign is trustworthy. Many companies choose to link a name directly to their brand so that the newsletter is not ignored as spam.

Go all out with the design

If all the previous steps have been done correctly, the company has already gotten the client or future client to read their email. Now it’s time to maintain that attention and get a sale or conversion per click. It is time for the company to shine with content and their design plays a very important role. It must be remembered that the design must be attractive and striking, so that the client wants to continue reading, although it must also be simple, so very elaborate and difficult-to-read designs must be avoided. It is also interesting to include calls for attention and do not forget that it must be adapted so that it looks perfectly on mobile devices. Not all customers consume their email through their computer.

Data evaluation

A marketing plan cannot be considered as such if the data is not evaluated and analyzed. So you have to have tools that facilitate the conversion statistics of these newsletters. Once this data is known, the company can see where it is lame and act on it, making changes where appropriate or improving what works well.

If all these keys are achieved, email marketing campaigns can be the safest option to achieve what they want. They will talk about that and current email marketing at the Email Marketing services in a new edition in which they will analyze the bases of email marketing, national and international legal standards, recruitment programs, and best practices, with examples and experts from the field.

The Email Marketing’s Power for Business Success will allow participants to learn the latest in the email marketing sector, in addition to the program management methodology or the tricks to improve ROI. But it will not be all theoretical, this event also has a practical part, since attendees will be able to learn how to get more out of the database with a more on-the-ground methodology.


Overall, Email marketing is a powerful tool that can drive business success by allowing users and websites to directly reach their audience in a personalized and effective way. At Woohoo Web Technologies with the proper planning and strategies, companies can make the most of this tool and achieve a high return on investment.

If you are looking for advertising and marketing services to implement an effective email marketing strategy, we recommend contacting Woohoo Web Technologies. Our digital Growth Spot team experts can help you design and execute successful email marketing campaigns that drive the growth of your business.

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