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  • May 22nd, 2024

Diagnosing Poor Ad Performance and Strategies for Improvement

You have a great product, service or idea. You have worked on it and you know that if people knew about it, your business would get that boost it deserves. However, in a world saturated with information, you find it difficult to reach your potential buyers and you don’t know what you are missing to attract their attention. Don’t worry, most companies have been in this situation and we have good news: you can solve it. In this article, with Woohoo Web, you will find the most important factors to be successful with your Ad Performance Improvement.

  1. Clearly define the campaign objectives

One of the most important steps of your Ad Campaign. What will you achieve with your ads?

If your answer has been “increase my level of sales”: you are right, but you have to think a little further. Do you want people to know the benefits of your product or service? Do you want to create a brand image? What is your competition doing? What is your budget?

Once you can answer these questions, you will have made great progress towards the success of your campaign and you will have enough information to move on to the next steps.

  1. Target your target audience

A common mistake is to target a general audience instead of a specific one. You have to think about who your target is, that is, the segment of the audience that may be interested in your product. Do you want to reach companies or consumers? How old are they? Is it a mostly male or female audience?

To capture the attention of your target audience, it is important to speak their language. Targeting business executives to promote a specific service is not the same as targeting teenagers who want to attend a party.

Ready? Let’s move on to the next step!

  1. Highlight the advantages that your business offers over the competition

Do you offer advantages that in many (or all) aspects surpass the competition? Let it be known!

If you want your product to sell, you must emphasize what makes you different. Surely your potential clients know the competition and, for them to take you into account, they need to know what the added value you propose is.

The more specific you are, the better. The public is tired of general terms like “the best […]”, “the […] of the highest quality”, etc. and most likely they will not pay attention to messages of that style.

  1. Invest in brand and image

We all see things through our eyes and we only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

It is highly recommended to get a logo that is consistent with what you do and that at the same time is pleasing to the eye and even attracts attention depending on the case. If you can, accompany your ads with images of your services or products. These images must be professional and attractive.

  1. Put your advertising in the right places

Again, think about your target. What places do you usually frequent? When are they most likely to consider purchasing your product or service?

It is possible that your audience frequents certain bars or clubs on the weekends, but do you think that at that time they will think about buying motorcycle insurance no matter how many times they see an advertisement? Most likely not.

On the other hand, if a person goes to a stationery store and sees a poster or an advertising stand that talks about a new type of pen that improves writing speed by up to 50%, do you think there will be more chances of it catching their attention?

  1. Work with professionals

From the design of a logo to the printing of advertising posters, to advice, you will have to be proactive and try to make everything as consistent as possible when working with professionals.

Much of the information you have gathered up to this point will be very useful to anyone involved in the project.

  1. If you can, test and monitor your ads

Depending on the time and type of ad, it may be a more or less difficult task. One of the easiest ways to test an ad is to consult with professionals who have helped you and with friends and family who you know will be honest with you.

When it comes to monitoring, you can do something as simple as asking your new customers how they reached you. Did they see you on an advertising billboard? Did your showcase catch their attention? Following this concept you can further optimize your budget and achieve better outcomes in those channels that work.

Formulation of Advertising Objectives

Advertising objectives are formulated based on previous decisions such as the target market, positioning and marketing mix. It also helps in Diagnosing and Improving Poor Ad Performance.

An Ad objective is a specific communication that must be carried out for a specific target audience during a specific period for a better result.

Objectives can be classified according to their purpose:

  1. Informative Advertising: It is used intensively when introducing a new product to the market. Its objective is to create primary demand and focuses on publicizing the value proposition, suggesting new uses for the product, describing the service, informing about a price change, explaining how the product works, etc.
  1. Persuasive Advertising: It becomes the most important as competition increases. Its objective is to create selective demand and focuses on persuading customers to buy now, changing customer perceptions about the product, generating brand preference, encouraging switching towards a brand, etc.
  1. Reminder Advertising: It is important for mature products, as it helps maintain the relationship with customers and keeps consumers thinking about the product. It focuses on reminding consumers where to buy the product, remembering that the product may be needed shortly, keeping the brand in the customer’s mind, etc.


Diagnosing poor ad performance is an important step in improving your digital marketing strategy. By identifying the root causes of underperforming ads, at Woohoo Web Technologies you can implement targeted solutions to drive better results. There are some common reasons for poor Ad performance including targeting the wrong audience, using ineffective ad copy or creatives, or having a low-quality landing page but at Woohoo Web Technologies you will find the best results for every problem.

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