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Brand cooperation is the most important part of our marketing strategy. To ensure the quality of the custom-made lanyards, we still keep the best cooperation and communities with them. Improving the printing technology constantly to create the best custom printed lanyards for all customers. People choose us for the following reasons:

    Highly experienced lanyard designers

   On-time delivery

    Different types of lanyard designs

    Affordable rates

How Our Lanyard Designer Works

Our lanyard designers work in the following way:

Choose the style of your Lanyard

Select a style from our wide range of options, including smooth satin, bamboo, and ribbed polyester.

Personalize your lanyard

Customize your Lanyard with personal touches. Adapt the width, add text, logos, patterns, and extra features, and choose between more than 25 colors.

Select the quantity & review your order

How many custom Lanyards do you require? Select your desired quantity above our minimum order of 25 Lanyards.

Choose your delivery option & checkout

Select a delivery option, including next-day delivery. So, you may design your lanyard easily.

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Want To Place Your Lanyard Printing Order? Get Started Today

If you’re ready to give your business that new marketing boost that no one can turn down, then give us a call and we’ll start talking about your new lanyard printing project today.

Want personalized lanyards with pictures?

Contact us to design your lanyard as per your wish. We will help you to learn how to design a custom lanyard.

We Make Custom Lanyards for Businesses

Custom lanyards are especially popular in the professional world. Many companies are increasingly requiring employees to keep a photo ID with them at all times. Lanyards equipped with clips and badge holders make it easy to show ID without having to take out a wallet. ID lanyards can help employees access secure buildings, parking structures, elevators, or secure rooms. They can also serve as name tags to help clients and customers quickly identify them. Custom lanyards are especially useful in the following industries:


Hospital staff and personnel often wear lanyards with the hospital logo printed on them to carry ID badges that help patients quickly identify them. Our lanyard designers will provide you with the best lanyard designs. We will give you a guide on step-by-step lanyard string designs.

Corporate Offices

In offices such as law firms, insurance companies, investment banking institutions, and other corporate settings, security is paramount. Lanyards can help employees keep their ID badges on hand to access secure areas. You may get unique lanyard designs from our lanyard maker tool.

Event/concert Staff

Lanyards come in handy during concerts, football games, advance screenings, and other events. You may create your own lanyard with our lanyard maker online. You may get cool lanyard designs and multicolor lanyard designs from us. If you are looking for an id card lanyard design you may contact us.


To get into top gyms and exercise clubs, you need ID – and holding onto your wallet during your entire workout isn’t exactly optimal. You may design lanyards from a lanyard maker near me. So, contact us to design your lanyards or personalized lanyards with pictures.

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Get Personalized Lanyards At Record Low Prices

We are your one-stop shop for custom lanyards at wholesale prices. We supply various lanyards ranging from simple to complex in customization. For our customers with time restraints, and in need of lanyards right away, we can supply a range of plain, non-branded ID lanyards in stock for swift delivery. Contact us today! Our team is on standby now to serve you. We will deliver a prompt turnaround on quotations on a carefully selected range of lanyards, identification, and promotional items.

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We provide different and various lanyards to you, such as Polyester Lanyards, Dye sublimated Lanyards, Woven Lanyards, Tubular Lanyards, Nylon Lanyards, and so on. Tell us the size and attachment of your lanyards. We can meet all your needs.
Don’t worry about your lanyard’s design. The professional design team has many design experience. We offer a free design service for all customers. Lots of customers have done business with us for many years. They are satisfied with our design.
Sure, we have made customized services for many years. We will try our best to meet all customers’ requirements. You only need to tell us your requirements.

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Choose us to get the best and unique designing services at a pocket-friendly price.

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