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  • February 26th, 2024

Top 5 Technical SEO challenges for E-Commerce websites

This is much common norm that can be seen in business-holders’ mindset that All they need is a website to sell their products, while yes a website is compulsory to showcase and reach more customers, maintaining a regular flow of customers is not easy and requires a lot of tech and non-tech eyes. Well, all are aware of the fact that E-commerce is growing at a rocket speed and will eventually become a 33 trillion dollar market by 2030 which means the market is huge and highly competitive. Maybe because of the pandemic e-commerce is continuously growing and will eventually become a huge market in the future, so this is high time to build your brand and attract organic customers the best way to do so is by making your e-commerce website search engine optimization friendly. This will not only ensure organic customers but also better conversion rates.

But with the complexities of E-commerce websites, it is not always easy to build them perfectly and that is where all the team members such as digital marketers, graphic designers, software engineers, back end and front-end developers need to be on the same page and make the website user friendly but this is certainly not an easy task. So let us have a look at a few challenges in making the website SEO-friendly.

1) Website loading experience – This is the first thing that the customer experiences. The conversion rate and the bounce-back rate will depend on how good the website experience is. It is annoying to see the websites keep on loading and giving a lot of waiting periods. As per the study, it is found that as page loading time increases by 3 sec, the bounce back rate increases by 32%, if it increases further by 5sec, the bounce back rate increases by 90%, if it increases by 6 sec, the bounce back rate increases by 106%, if it increases by 10 sec, the bounce back shoots up to 123%. Imagine such a low conversion rate with just a lag of 10-second delay. So, this is the most important to keep the website experience smooth. There are many ways to do so and one of them is to post only relevant graphics with appropriate size and avoid putting very high-resolution images or images in high storage formats such as TIFF, and BMP. Analyze the graphic size that going to be there and adjust the scale accordingly. Such as posting 6000 x 6000 images in a 600 x 600 ratio will not be useful and hence proper image scale will smooth out the loading process. Allowing cache on your website will also improve faster loading, once the user opens the website in a browser, it will store some of the visitor’s data temporarily on their computer and the next time when a user tries to browse again, the browser will automatically fetch the website without sending complete HTTP request to the server.

2) Categorization – You might have hundreds or thousands of products to sell but how do you make sure to put everything in the right place, that’s where the product categorization comes into the picture. It needs a simple and elusive category without too much involvement in technicalities and sub-groups. In other words, the category should have a shallow structure, and be simple so that it is easy for customers and as well search engine bots to fetch the right details. Think like an end customer and that will help in designing the process. Now, even a single category can have further subgroups, so create a specific segment based on properties like color, brand, type, material, ratings, etc.

3) A Perfect search function – A Good and optimized search function is indeed an attraction to the websites. This requires a good back-end database with optimized content. Search engines should automatically start suggesting the results based on the typed keyword so that it emits other results as well which will help in running the business.

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